Wednesday, 23 April 2014

When is the fafsa due for the academic year 2013- 2014?

The FAFSA is the abbreviation of the term Free Application for Federal Student Aid which is an application form that is commonly prepared by those undergraduate and graduate current and prospective college students in the United States of America in order to understand their eligibility for the purpose of getting student financial aid. This application form is not a gateway for seeking aid for single choice of federal program, but considered for the individual state aid program, other institutional aid programs, and 9 federal student financial aid programs.

The Educational department in the United States of America generally accepts the FAFSA application form from the beginning of January 1st of every year for the forth coming educational year. In most cases, federal, institutional and state aids are sanctioned on the basis of first come first serve and each application span of validity is 18 months. So, it is advisable to students who are willing to avail student financial aid should furnish their details at the earliest for consideration and for getting maximum financial benefit.

Students, who have already submitted FAFSA, form during previous year need to submit a renewal FAFSA for considering for the forthcoming academic year. Based upon the details furnished, an automatic formula will calculate their Expected Family Contribution. This information will state how much the parents of the applicant can contribute for their children education. For the current academic year, one can fill the application from January 1st 2013 till June 30th 2014. Any updates or corrections, they can submit it by September 20th 2014. The deadline dates get differed with states and institutional basis. So, the right person to answer when the FAFSA due is, will be the colleges from where the students gets educated and applied for FAFSA.

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