Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What Does Fafsa stand for? Understand it to the Core

Are you wondering what does fafsa stand for?  FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is a form that needs to be filled by the students as well as their parents to get the grant money for higher studies. It includes scholarships, work-study programs and student loans. Apart from the federal aids given by the US government, the information from FAFSA is also accessed by the financial institutions, states and schools in order to determine the eligibility of students applying for non-federal aids.
A new FAFSA is introduced every year by the Department of Education for the academic study of the subsequent year. The form can either be downloaded from the official website of FAFSA or fetched from the counselor of the high schools. You will need to apply for PIN or Personal Identification Number if you use the online FAFSA version. For getting the PIN you would need to submit your D.O.B, name, address and social security number. No sooner you get the PIN you can fill and submit the form online or get it printed and send through the courier. To know more about what does fafsa stand for, you can browse online.
Generally, 102 questions are asked in FAFSA and they are divided into six categories. These questions are asked in order to get the personal, academic and financial information of the applicants.Make sure that you check the deadline of applying for the federal grant. The early you submit, the more is the chance of getting the aid money.

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